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About Recipe Timing

Recipe Timing is an iPhone app, designed to help when executing a plan that follows a tight time schedule, ie. where different actions must be performed at different times after a specific common starting point. For example when cooking, baking or brewing beer. Buy the full featured version on the App Store, or try the FREE version first (with limited functionality).

Recipe Timing was originally created because I needed a simple multi timer tool to help me keep track of time during the hop boiling process of beer brewing. When boiling hops you typically have a total boil time of one hour, ie. the first bittering hop added must boil for a total time of one our. Later on other hops (or more of the same), or other ingredients are added, but need shorter boiling time, however they all finish at the same time - when the boiling process is done. Below is an example of a hop boil plan for an Amber Ale:

Boil Plan for Our Own Amber Ale:

The image below shows the corresponding Recipe Timer ready to run

iPhone Running a Recipe Multi Timer Plan

The next tab shows how to create the Recipe Timer